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Award Categories

Automotive Aftermarket Product Excellence Award
Honoring exceptional innovation and excellence in automotive aftermarket products that have set new standards and positively impacted the industry.

Automotive Education Excellence Award
Recognizing outstanding achievement in automotive education, celebrating institutions and individuals dedicated to shaping the future of the automotive workforce.

Automotive EV Excellence Award
Prestigious recognition for exceptional achievements in the field of electric vehicles, honoring innovation, sustainability, and advancements in the automotive industry.

Automotive Event Excellence Award
Celebrating excellence in automotive events, recognizing outstanding organizers and impactful events that unite industry professionals and drive innovation forward.

Automotive Financing Excellence Award
Recognizing outstanding achievements in automotive financing, honoring institutions and individuals that have revolutionized the industry with innovative financial solutions.

Automotive Innovation Excellence Award
A prestigious accolade celebrating groundbreaking innovations that have redefined the automotive landscape, pushing boundaries and driving the industry forward.

Automotive Insurance Provider Award
Acknowledging excellence in the field of automotive insurance, honoring companies that have demonstrated exceptional service, coverage, and commitment to customer satisfaction.

Automotive Manufacturing Excellence Award
Paying tribute to automotive manufacturing companies that have demonstrated exceptional quality, efficiency, and innovation in their production processes.

Automotive Marketing Excellence Award
Recognizing exemplary marketing campaigns and strategies that have successfully promoted automotive brands, products, and services, showcasing creativity, effectiveness, and impact.

Automotive Operational Excellence Award
Celebrating automotive companies that have excelled in operational efficiency, streamlining processes, optimizing resources, and delivering exceptional results.

Automotive R&D Excellence Award
Honoring outstanding achievements in automotive research and development, recognizing breakthrough innovations and advancements that have shaped the future of the industry.

Automotive Retail Experience Award
Recognizing automotive retailers that have consistently provided exceptional customer experiences, creating a seamless, engaging, and memorable journey for customers.

Automotive Ride-Hailing Service Award
Acknowledging excellence in the field of ride-hailing services, honoring companies that have transformed transportation and enhanced convenience through innovative platforms.

Automotive Safety Excellence Award
Celebrating companies that have demonstrated an unwavering commitment to automotive safety, pioneering technologies and initiatives that prioritize the well-being of drivers, passengers, and pedestrians.

Automotive Service Excellence Award
Recognizing exceptional service providers in the automotive industry, honoring companies that have consistently delivered top-notch customer service and exceptional repair and maintenance solutions.

Automotive Start-Up Excellence Award
Paying tribute to innovative start-ups that have disrupted the automotive industry, celebrating their entrepreneurial spirit, groundbreaking ideas, and potential for future success.

Automotive Social Media Influencer of the Year Award
Honoring social media influencers who have made a significant impact in the automotive industry, leveraging their platforms to engage, inform, and inspire automotive enthusiasts.
(By Invitation Only)

Automotive Personality of the Year Award
Celebrating individuals who have made a remarkable impact in the automotive industry through their leadership, influence, and exceptional contributions.
(By Invitation Only)

Automotive Icon of the Year Award
Recognizing iconic figures in the automotive industry who have left an indelible mark, shaping the industry’s history, and inspiring generations to come.
(By Invitation Only)

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